Quality Ridgebacks Since 1972

Kandu’s Breeding Philosophy

Kandu’s main goal in breeding is to produce the absolute ultimate companion Ridgeback. Many breeders focus on breeding strictly for conformation showing, or for dogs who do well in dog sports such as lure coursing or agility. The by-product puppies that do not meet the show criteria, either in details of body form or personality, are sold as “pets.” Kandu’s philosophy is just the opposite. Our Ridgeback puppies are bred and raised to be the most beautiful, healthy, intelligent, and emotionally well-adjusted pets possible. Many of them are also show dogs.

Darwin sharing his snack with some of the dogs.

All breeding stock has passed OFA hips and elbows for at least 7 generations. The last three generations have also had degenerative myelopathy DNA test so we can be sure not to breed two carriers together. Most of the stock has also passed various other health tests including cardiac, BAER hearing, CERF eye, early onset deafness (DNA), and autoimmune thyroiditis. Our Ridgebacks live to an average of 12 – 13 years.  You can check any dog’s Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  record of testing at  https://www.ofa.org/. Use the “advanced search”  option and input Kandu and Kandu’s to bring up a list of our dogs.  For information on Ridgeback health and other educational articles go to The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US web site: http://rrcus.org/

Bundu Hotshot of Kandu, SC     “Shaka”