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Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Kandu

Rowdy 2 years.e.jpg

                                                                           Kandu's Rebelridge Rowdy, C.G.C., one of the foundation sires of our kennel.

Owners: Darwin Matznick, The Dogfather and Kennel Master

               Janice Koler-Matznick, M.S., Assoc. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

              Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. member, abiding by the RRCUS Code of Ethics.

Location: 5265 Old Stage Road

                 Central Point, Oregon 97502

Phone: 541-621-9290

E-mail: jkoler@ccountry.com

NOTICE: As of 2008 Kandu will gurantee not only the health but also the temperament of the dogs we breed. The owners must follow our advice on raising and training their puppy, and we will warrantee that the dog will have a stable, sound personality with no unprovoked aggression or extreme shyness. We feel confident offering this extra guarantee because of our raising methods and because in four generations not one of the Ridgebacks we have bred has been excessively shy nor demonstrated any unprovoked agression toward humans or other dogs.


Kandu's main goal in breeding is to produce the absolute ultimate companion Ridgeback. Many breeders focus on breeding strictly for conformation showing, or for dogs who do well in dog sports such as lure coursing or agility. The by-product puppies that do not meet the show criteria, either in details of body form or personality, are sold as "pets."  Kandu's philosophy is just the opposite. Our Ridgeback puppies are bred and raised to be the most beautiful, healthy, intelligent, and emotionally well-adjusted pets possible.  Many of them are also show dogs.



Kandu Background

Janice registered the first dog with the Kandu name, an American Staffordshire Terrier, in 1970. The next year, she turned a page in Dog World magazine and saw a picture of the Ridgeback  Ch.  G'Quosa's Runako. It was truly 'love at first sight' and although Jan has owned other breeds over the years, including a Rottweiler (when they were still a rare breed) and several English Bull Terriers, Ridgebacks have always been the dogs of her heart.

 In 1972 Jan got her first Ridgeback, who grew up to be owner-handled Ch. M'Lady of Kandu, C.D. Then, in 1973, she acquired a Ch. Batoka's Rooibaadjie son who became owner-handled Ch. Batoka's Bid Adu Parker.  Lady was bred to Ch. The Guardsman of Kimbida, and later to Parker (the only litter he sired).  None of these puppies went to show/breeding homes, and so this line ended. In 1984 Jan acquired the female Rebelridge Reverie of Kandu from Ron Bourguignon. Jan had returned to college in California to get her Master's degree, and was unable to show Revi, who was a lovely big girl (26", 85lbs.) who lived to be just shy of 13. Bred to Ch. Rifrug Mungu Kipaji, Revi produced Kandu's Rebelridge Rowdy (27", 100lbs.), who was the foundation sire of the present Kandu Ridgebacks. Rowdy was a great dog with a clownish, easy-going personality, and he lived without any medical problems until old age took him at 12.

In 1993 Jan, Revi and Rowdy moved next door to Darwin Matznick in Central Point, Oregon. Darwin proved to be a dog lover who had owned a Ridgeback in the past. They were married and have worked as partners to establish Kandu. They built the dog pens themselves, and Jan travels to the shows and lure/racing trials while Darwin stays home to care for the rest of the dogs.  Because we are located in Southern Oregon, most shows are more than 100 miles from home, and winter weather does not always cooperate with show plans. Therefore, while we show as much as we can afford, some of our Ridgebacks may not become show champions.  Our main goal now is to let our Ridgebacks earn performance titles doing what they love - running in various lure coursing  and race trials.

Jan. J Zool.JPG

Jan's Background

Janice is pictured above with a New Guinea singing dog skull and a copy of the Journal of Zoology (2002) in which an article she was the main author of, an expanded description of Singers, was published. The dog on the cover is a Singer. Jan has been a professional dog trainer for 40 years, and is certified by the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers. After studying animal behavior in various universities, and being mentored by the Animal Behavior Society Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists Mary Lee Nitschke, PhD, CAAB and Alice Moon-Fanelli, PhD, CAAB in 2003 she opened her dog behavior consulting business, The Dog Advisor. 

In 2008 Jan was granted an Associate Certification in Applied Animal Behavior by the Animal Behavior Society's Board of Professional Certification (full certification requires a PhD).  Jan gave talks on dog behavior science at both the 2006 and 2007 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conferences, which have an attendance of about 1,000 trainers each year.  In addition, Jan has been studying the behavior of New Guinea singing dogs, a wild dingo from the island of Papua New Guinea, for 13 years. She has traveled as far as Oxford, England to present about these primitive dogs at several scientific conferences, trying to get this rare species some conservation attention.  Jan has published several scientific articles on the Singers, and one on the origin of the dog. She has also authored three books: Handraising Puppies (1998. TFH publ.), The Dingo (2002. PowerKids Press), and The German Shepherd (2008. Kennel Club Books).


In August 2016 Jan published the book she had been researching for over 20years. It debunks the usual story that the dog is a domesticated gray wolf and instead promotes the dog as a natural species before it attached itself to humans. Available on Amazon and other sellers in print and e book formats.