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The Females


Khoisan's Nile River Amber (Amber), Penny's dam, pictured at 5.5 years. Not shown. OFA hips. At 12 she still solicited play and trotted around, even slow-running on occassion. Amber is related closely to Remba's dam. Amber passed on in 2015 at almost 13.


Khiosan's Rowdy Girl of Kandu (Penny), a Rowdy daughter. OFA hips, elbows, heart, thyroid; BAER; CERF; carrier for degerative spinal myelopathy. Penny passed on in 2015 at almost 13.

Remba.Shaka.4.13.06 e.jpg

Female Kandu's Rowdy Remba, SC (left) and male Bundu Hotshot of Kandu, JC (Shaka). Remba has OFA hips, elbows, thyroid, heart, CERF, and is DM normal. At 11.5 she is active and still very much playing.


Kandu's Ajali (Shaka X Remba) at 5 mos., and Khoisan's Rowdy Girl of Kandu (Penny), at 3 yrs.


Dual Ch. Kandu's Penny's Pasha, S.C. (Shaka X Penny) shown here at 13 mos.


Dual Ch. Kandu's Penny's Pasha at 2 years. She gave us three wonderful litters and at 10 she has not yet experienced any health problems.


Kandu's Ajali (Shaka X Remba) at 2 years. Ajali had 3 excellent litters and like all Kandu girls was a devoted dam. At 10 she is grey in the face but otherwise acting much younger.


Kandu's first homebred champion. Kia has a 3 pt. major in lure coursing.

Kia at 3 years

Pasha (left) and Kia at 3 years