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New Guinea Singing Dogs

NGSD adult pair.email.jpg

The other type of dog we used to keep is the New Guiena singing dog. This is a dingo, a wild dog, from the mountains of the island of New Guiena. The pair above, male Kai in back and female Buna in front, were two of our first Singers. Jan started studying them in 1995 when she got her first three puppies, and she started the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society in 1997 to work toward conservation of these very rare and unusual wild dogs. All of our Singers have passed on as of 2016.


This is Petey, a 9 mos. old male looking for birds. Singers often stand/hop/walk on their hind legs when hunting for birds in trees and bushes. Singers have many unique traits and behaviors compared to all other dogs and wild canids. They have been separated from modern domestic dogs for at least 4,000 years from dating of DNA, but Jan believes it is probably more like 12,000 years. At minimum they are the last pure line of early dog, and may be ancestral to the Australian dingo, which today is 80% hybriized with modern domestic dogs. The NGSD Conservation Society's web site for more information is: http://newguinea-singing-dog-conservation.org/


The Singers have separate quarters from the Ridgebacks. They need extra-secure fencing with climb and dig barriers. There are always two gates between the Singers and the outside world. This is one of their exercise pens. Their kennel runs are enclosed under the end of the barn.


This is another view of the Singer pens. There is a second exercise pen off to the left. It is furnished with ramps, dog houses and cement culverts for playing and climbing.