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2009 Litter


On Nov. 23, 2009 Ajali presented us with 11 healthy puppies, 6 females and 5 males. This is the same date that Penny had her pups last year! What are the chances of that? Two are ridgless (1m/1f) and 9 have show ridges. There were no kinked tails, and no dermoid sinuses detected. Ajali is proving to be just as wonderful a mother as her dam Remba was. With her strong instincts she just "knows" what to do. Ajali greeted visitors with a wagging tail and did not get nervous when they fed some pups with the bottle.


This is where the pups live their first weeks, a guest apt. attached to the rear of our house. There is a divider between the bed/small side and the larger exercise pen area, so that I can lock them on one side while I clean the other. On 1/4/10 these pups were finally moved out to the Ridgeback kennel's small side (picture elsewhere on the site) for the day, but brought in at night that first night. The indoor part of the RR kennel is heated to at least 60 degrees even when below freezing outside, and the pups do fine with large crates with blankets they can all piled up together in. They access the outdoor pen through a step and dog door/ramp. Usually by 7 weeks all pups are going outside to poop, although they still often urinate on the indoor papers at nigh, and this litter was the same. They stay there in the small pen (11 X 11 ft. outside, 6 X 11 inside) for a a few days adjustment, then move to the large side (14 X 21 outside, 8 X 11 inside) so they will have more room to run and play as they grow, and also just so they experience staying in a different area. Up to their move to the kennel the pups had been out playing around the house only a few times when the temperature got up to 40 degrees and yet already had gotten quite bold at exploring.


This is female Bat Wings on Sunday 1/3, getting weighed. The smallest puppy was female Butterfly at 8.5 lbs. and the largest males were about 10 lbs.


Dark Boy 6 weeks Not all puppies are pictured. The owners of two males have not sent in current pictures but we will add them when they do. The puppies are named by their most distinctive markings.


Wolson (Dark Boy) 14 weeks


Patch 6 weeks


Paladin (Patch) 14 weeks. This boy stole Darwin's heart and so Pal stayed here as Dar's dog.


Stripe 6 weeks. Stripe became Kruzier and Jan co-owns him so she can show him if he turns out as beautiful as she thinks he will.


Here is Kruzier at 5 1/2 months old. At 7 mos. he was about 26" at the shoulders and 74 pounds. We are looking forward to showing him, and he has an excellent instinct for lure coursing.