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Owner Stories

Ruby Jude


Ruby Jude is the ridgeless beauty from the 2009 Sam X Ajali litter. She, as predicted from her puppy behavior, has been a challenge every step as she grows up. It is a good thing her owner Laura was an experienced RR owner as she has done an excellent job of teaching RJ self control. Here is a message I am proud to share from when RJ was just 10 mos. old. Amazng awareness and intelligence for a pup! ---------------------------- Original Message ------------Subject: good girl From: "Laura Date: Mon, October 11, 2010 9:33 pm To: "janice" ----------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jan, I just have to share an RJ "Lassie moment" with you. Sunday a.m., and I'm sitting upstairs reading the paper...Here comes RJ, stands on my feet, whines, yips, squeals, repeatedly puts her head between me and the paper; wants my attention BADLY for some reason. All dogs have been fed and have just come in, so what's the deal? Finally, I'm disgusted, get up, and follow her downstairs..through the house, attached garage, and into the utility room. Our 16 year old sheltie-cross is "stuck" behind my ironing board; she can't see, hear, or think well enough to just back out or turn around, has her nose against the wall, going "unh unh unh". I couldn't hear her upstairs, but Jude didn't like the noise she was making, or was concerned, and knew to come up and get me to rescue 'Grannie'. Pretty neat, eh?



Here is a message from Cindy about Bromly, who was from the 2006 Shaka X Penny litter. He was not yet 2 yrs. old when he showed how aware and intelligent he is. That dogs can do these kinds of behaviors just naturally is amazing to me. Ripley is Cindy's Walker Hound, who is 18 mos. older than Brom. Cindy ends with a comment that this is not much of a brag, but I told her to be it is the best and makes me much more proud than any show win for mere physical beauty! ---------------------------- Original Message ------------- Subject: a Brom Brag From: "Cindi Date: Mon, September 27, 2010 11:07 am To: "Janice Koler-Matznick" ----------------------------------------------------------- Kinda catchy subject title, eh? Anyway, had to let his Gram know his milestone accomplishment. Apparently, while I am at work, my partially disabled elderly mom goes out into the backyard to scoop after the dogs, pick the lone tomato, or just putter around. Diagonally behind our house is a home with a female pit bull who never has a good day. She barks a lot at slight sounds and always sounds upset about something. The boys tend to avoid going to that part of the back fence, but of course, Grammy has to wonder back there to do whatever it is she feels she needs to do, setting up an instant flurry of barking and snarling from Ms. PB. Well, your grandpup has made it his mission to accompany Grammy on her little forays to that corner of the world, or anywhere near that area. He then gently leans into her, attempting to guide her back to the house. He apparently always keeps himself between her and that part of the yard. He's very persistent, and doesn't relax until she's safely in the house. At which point he dutifully lies down at her feet for a well-deserved siesta. She was misreading his actions and kept telling me that he was afraid to go out to the yard, out by the PB. When I started asking her questions, I learned exactly what he was doing. When it all became clear to her, she felt so bad that she doubted his bravery, and true devotion to his Grammy. Big hugs were given, and a few extra biscuits too. I told her it would be helpful to stay away from that part of the yard in future, so that she doesn't worry him so much. So this past weekend, they calmly sat together on the back patio, him faithfully facing the back yard, with his bottom near her feet. Every once in awhile, he'd look back at her as she had dozed off. I was so proud of him Jan. Up to now, he's always let Ripley do all the protection stuff, growls, barks and the like. But as is so RR, he quietly did his job, and ever so gently too. My mom is on a pronged cane when out in the yard, but usually uses a walker, so he's learned to take care with her. Not a big deal to brag about I know for most folks, but a huge matter for me. At least I know that when I'm not there at home, Brom and Ripley too, are both on duty and my mom is as safe as possible when on her own. I love my boys!!!!



Zuri, whose puppy name was Peanut because she was such a small pup, was from the 2006 Shaka X Penny litter. She grew up to be a normal 80 lbs. She lives in Southern California in a suburb of a good sized city that has Interstate 5 running through it. In August 2010 the owner's son, who lives several miles way from Zuri's owner on the opposite side of the city, was dogsitting Zuri. She somehow got loose, and dissappeared. Of course her owner contacted me two days later to ask about her microchip, but since he had never registered it would serve to ID her but would not help reunite her with him. I gave all advice I could about steps to take for lost dogs, and waited for four more days before he sent me the short message that only said "Zuri is home." Of course I asked how he found her, and his answer was she came home on her own!! A neighbor saw her walking up the street and called him. Zuri was thin and her feet were worn down and sore, but otherwise she was OK. It took her 7 days to find her way across a very busy city but her instincts and intelligence guided her and her devotion and bonding to her place and people motivated her. Only Zuri knows how many extra miles she walked beyond the minimum five the son's home was from her owner's as she wandered trying to orient, but it was on pavement, through traffic, and to me her journey is a minor miracle.