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2013 Ajali


The above picture is of Callie Parks, who is on the waiting list for the next litter, helping socialize the pups at 37 days. I think that is Abby in her arms, and teddy and Andy in her lap with Bess at her back. Callie's husband had George and John. The individual pictures, taken at 38 days of age, definetly do not do justice to these puppies. They ALL are MUCH prettier than they look in these but I did not have time to try for better ones. This whole litter has developed behaviorally faster than my past litters, by several days. They played sooner, got out of the box to eliminate on the papers sooner, etc. All are about equal in personality at this age: eager to be held and learning to bite humans softly and give lots of kisses.


Abby 38 days. Abby was the one who screamed so much the first week and caused me to be sleep-deprived. Thank goodness she gave it up. She howled beautifully at only 14 days old, the only pup I've ever heard do that so early. Very people oriented and wants to be held a lot. Currently the smallest of the litter but used to be one of the biggest at 3 weeks.





This is Andy. He was the second one to climb out of the whelping box, at 25 days.




Bess is a big girl, about the same weight as the mid-size boys. She and Andy look so much alike I have to check their markings or plumbing to be sure who it is.




George was the one who caused the c-section. He was by far the biggest pup at birth, and the first, so he got stuck. The other males have about caught up to him in size now. He is rather laid back and one of those who most asks to be picked up.




John has the darkest muzzle. He is the one who started to follow me around the room first, and was one of the first start play biting littermates, at only 16 days.




Teddy is the one who has one crown (swirl) farther down on his ridge. Ideal is the swirls are directly opposite, so he is the only one of the litter who definetly would not be a show dog. He was the smallest pup, but now about the same weight as John only a bit shorter in leg. He has the most expressive face with a muzzle almost as dark as John's. He was one of the first to carry toys around, and is a lap puppy for sure.