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Performance Pictures


This is just before the start of a lure course run at Junction City, OR, in August 2010. It was 89 degrees that day, but the dogs did fine, although big boy Shaka was a little slow in the heat. Jan and Shaka are on the left and friend Jane is on the right with her Kandu's Cully is Sirius. Jane also owns Field Champiion Nia. Shaka got his second qualifying score toward his Senior Courser title that day.


Pasha earned her AKC Junior Courser certificate in 2008. She earned her Field Championship in 2009. She is awesome to watch as she is very powerful and fast! Her first time out in Open Class, at the BARRC trial in 10/08, she earned three points by getting second-highest score in her group of 12 (average score 39) and third-highest of 24 Ridgebacks entered.

Nia in Lure Coursing

This is Field Champion Kandu's Nia Ukuu, Pasha and Kia's little sister, owned by Jane Haley. She is a smaller Ridgeback and so very fast and agile. She is now retired from competing in ASFA and LGRA racing.


Nia in LGRA


Nia (on the left) has been in the Top 10 Ridgebacks in Large Gazehound Racing for three years (2010-2013), despite only 4 or 5 races a year in Oregon. She won them all! On 9/28/2013 Nia won best of Breed at the LGRA National race meet in CO.

Remba First Lure Trial 2007


Remba First LGRA Race 2007


Shaka JC Test 2007


For a big boy, Shaka runs very well. He earned his Junior Courser certificate in 2007.


Shaka earning his Senior Courser title in 2011, after lying about on the couch for two years. He got two second places out of 8 Ridgebacks running that weekend, surprising us all with his speed and agility as 6.5 year old very big boy.