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Kandu Contracts


Each puppy placed by Kandu is a precious life that we, by choosing to breed, feel responsible for its entire life. We choose our "Puppy Partners" with care, and hope that they will become part of out extended "family." We are always available for advice and information to anyone interested in Ridgebacks, and try to maintain contact with all our Puppy People.



This is Kandu's Sun Ranger (at 13 mos.). He was placed with Lia Minelli and Christopher Lucas of ID as a pet, on a neuter contract. Luckily, when they sent this picture, Jan contacted them and he had not been neutered yet. Jan just could not bear the thought of this beauty being lost to the gene pool, so the contract was changed to "show" and his owners let Jan show him a few times. Although he earned a few championship points, showing proved non-workable due to the distances. However, Ranger passed all his health clearances and Jan had his sperm collected and stored so Ranger will contribute to the gene pool,

Our contracts are simple, and we are always open to renegotiating them if the circumstances warrant it.  Contact us for a sample. The contract includes a "return clause" which states that if at any time during the life of the dog the owners decide to sell it we must be notified and have the right to buy it back before it is offered to others.  If the owner can no longer keep the dog, we will always take them back. They would either be placed in another appropriate home, or stay here for the rest of their lives.   

Companion-only puppies are sold on limited registration. This means that their offspring can not be registered unless we ask the AKC to change the designation. We request that the dog not be altered until it is at least a year old as this reduces serious side effects of early spay/neuter.  We hope the owners send us pictures before altering the dog, and that they would consider ammending the contract to keep the dog intact for showing if  we determine it is an excellent show prospect, but this is not required.


Our pet puppies are guaranteed against developing clinical, debilitating hip or elbow dysplasia. Mild HD without impariment of normal activity would not be covered for a companion-only puppy. Show puppies are guaranteed against any degree of hip and elbow dysplasia, auto-immune thyroiditis, heart defects and deafness. The orthopedic warrantee is tied to the condition that the owners must keep the dog within our desired weight limit, as excessive weight wears on young joints.

Jan+RR4 7[1].08.jpg
The Kandu Clan Sitting Pretty (6/2008). L - R = Remba, Shaka, Ajali, Penny, Pasha.