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Bred by Kandu

Kandu's Penny's Pasha, J.C.


Shown winning a major at Tualatin Kennel Club in 2008, at 17 mos., Pasha has been shown only in Bred By Exhibitor class. As of 6/2008, Pasha had 12 points with one major. She is a Shaka X Penny offspring.

Kandu's Ajali


Ajali is a Shaka X Remba pup. Shown only three times, she is pictured at 17 mos. winning her first 2 pts. from the Bred By class at Linn County Kennel Club in 2008 (one bitch shy of 3 pts.). She will be shown more after Pasha finishes.

Kandu's Sylte Sun Ranger

Ranger.Klamath.08 web.jpg

Ranger is a littermate to Pasha, pictured here at 18 mos. winning his first point at So. Oregon Kennel Club, 2008. Ranger was placed as a pet/companion, but luckily his owners, Lia Minelli and Christopher Lucas, did as Jan requested and sent a picture of him at a year old, before he was neutered. When Jan convinced them he was excellent show quality, they agreed to occassionaly loan him to Jan to show. Ranger passed the following health tests: hips (excellent), elbows, heart, hearing, CERF, thyroid (indeterminant). His sperm has been cryo preserved.

Ch. Kandu's Kianga of Nomad's Rest, J.C.


Kia is a littermate to Pasha and Ranger. At 18 mos. she was entered in her first three shows. At the Plum Creek Kennel Club, CO 2/15/2008 show she went Best of Breed over 20 class entries and 9 champions. At the Colorado Kennel Club show on 2/17/2008 she went Best of Winners over an entry of 17. Then, in 6/2008 she won a major at her first trial lure course run. She is a reluctant show dog and objects to being "stacked" so her picture here, winning Best in Match at the RR club in CO her first time out, does not do her justice. She finished her show championship on 10/9/08 with four major wins.

Kandu's Mylz


Mylz, a Shaka X Amber 2006 pup, placed as a companion only, is pictured in his favorite activity with his 2-legged "brother."

Kandu's Zuri


Zuri, a Shaka X Remba 2006 pup, littermate to Ajali, was placed as a companion with Andy and Valerie Rienholtz, friends of Jan's. She matured into a real beauty!

Kandu's Ramsay


Ramsay, a Shaka X Amber son, is a much loved pet.


Kito Hobbs on a mountain climb with his owner Echo. One year old.

Neema 4 mths 3-09.jpg
Kandu's Neema at 4 mos.