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Planned Breedings

In about May we will repeat the breeding we did last year of my Kandu's Rowdy Abbi (sired by Kandu's Rebelridge Rowdy via frozen sperm X Ch. Kandu's Meeka, a Pasha daughter) to Ch. Kandu's Rowdy Highlander (a Pasha brother). The litter last year was outstanding.


This is Ch. Kandu's Rowdy Highlander (Bromley).


This is Bromley also.

Ridgeback Puppy Prices


Those who have been searching for a well bred Ridgeback puppy for awhile will know their usual price range. For those just starting their search, the usual price of a companion-only puppy from a dedicated NW hobby breeder like myself is between $1,500 - $2,200. Those who breed strictly as a business often get even more than that, for puppies with less certain health backgrounds and that certainly have received much less individual attention than those bred merely for love of the breed. If this is beyond your means, and your heart is set on a Ridgeback, please consider a ridgeless puppy: perfect Ridgeback except no ridge. These are usually half price, or $700 - 800. Also, there are nice rescued Ridgebacks sometimes available through the Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club rescue: www.nwrrc.net/

Waiting List


The picture on the left is of Kandu's Zuri (Shaka X Remba 2006), beloved pet of the Rheinholz's in OR. Kandu, like most reputable RR breeders, maintains a list of those waiting for a puppy. Usually all pups are reserved by 2 weeks of age by those on the list. If you would like to get on our list, email Janice with answers to the following questions: Why did you choose the RR as the breed for you? What is your past experience with dogs? Do you have a fenced yard? Will you be dedicated to getting a puppy out to puppy classes or otherwise make arrangements for socialization with people and dogs? Where will your RR sleep? We recommend everyone get on as many lists as they find breeders they feel they can work with, as Nature does not always cooperate with our plans. There could be no pregnancy or a small litter. Reputable West Coast breeders can be found through the web sites of the North West Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, RRCUS, Bay Area RR Club and other regional clubs listed on the RRCUS web site. Then, when you find the right RR for you, just let the other breeders know so they can take you off their lists.

When the puppies are two weeks old, those on the waiting list who will get a puppy from that litter put down a $100.00 good-faith deposit to reserve a puppy. This deposit is non-refundanble, unless at 8 weeks of age it turns out there is no suitable puppy. If some fault or medical problem shows up in the puppy reserved, of course the deposit would be refunded immediately. If the person merely decides at the last minute not to buy the puppy after all, the deposit helps compensate Kandu for the expense of further advertising and extended care of the pup while locating another appropriate home.